Yikes! …I’m creating a Blog!

Ok. I guess this is past the point of no return…Life as a composer, conductor, orchestrator, Facebook procrastinator and occasionally as a human living, too, was already complicated enough…but, still, I thought it might be a good idea to make a blog!

Well, 1st things 1st then…

My name is Ivan Palomares. Composer from Spain. Also Conductor and Orchestrator. Writing and performing all kinds of music, though mainly Film and TV Scores. Also Videogames and sometimes I even perform as a “real” musician! the dude’s website: http://www.ivanpalomares.com

Before I forget…I LOVE MY WORK. Life as a composer can be hard as XXXX, but there are truly moments…out of reach VS any other work. At least for me. But mind you, this job is a sort of trap. Once you get in, you’ll want to get out, go back to your home town and bury yourself under the bed while asking your mommy to remind you how good life was as a toddler. But you’ll soon find that there is no other option that gets close to it. Not even close. Believe me, I tried! Music is a really incredible thing to do. I LOVE MY WORK.

Now…Why would a Spanish Composer nicknamed “thespanishcomposer” write in English instead of in Spanish? The real answer is because I don’t think I’ll have the time to translate it…I’m not even sure how I’m gonna manage subscriptions and the horde of fans (most likely) that will access this beautiful blog about life as a composer, but it seems that English is, initially, the way to go in order to reach for a broader audience.

What to expect from this site, then?

Well, If you ever wondered how a Film Industry related musician, composer, conductor, etc, manages his everyday life, this is your site!

Now, take into account that this blog will probably be updated in between Gigs, on train, planes or Cafes while waiting for a meeting, the start of an event or similar.

During a Gig, deadlines are so bloody tight that it’s basically impossible to think about doing something like this. This means that sometimes the blog will not seem like updated…as in ever.

But I promise I’ll do my best in not only spam my “awesome news!”, but also to make this interesting enough.

Thank you and happy trip!