16th Mundo BSO Awards – Pacific

Some shameless promo here!

2017 started with some great news: I was nominated to the 16th Mundo BSO awards as best music for TV series for my work on Pacific.

Pacific is a 10 episode TV series, (Documentary), and a sequel to the worldwide aired (National Geographic Channel, Univision, TVE) series called “A World Apart: The Great Journey”, directed by Traveller and adventurer-philosopher Daniel Landa:

(Links in Spanish)



It’s a one year trip around the countries from the Pacific. Instead of choosing the usual, well known roads, the series goes off track and focuses on the search of the last indigenous inhabitants. The ultimate goal is to make people think about how we live, about why we are on this planet and what makes us, ultimately, human.

So, although the music needed to work within the modern TV “fast” and “instant” editing gimmicks, we made room for something a little more personal.

You can check the music here:


I am particularly proud of this series, not because of the music, but because of the passion, love and implication of every single member of it. It was a hard journey for everyone involved, but the huge amount of fans all around the world, praising the uniqueness of this journey, is a huge reward.

It was an overwhelming surprise to know that the series were not only nominated for the MundoBSO awards, but also as “best TV music of 2016”. The fact that it was nominated in that category, as opposed to the “documentary” category, was even more important to me. But!

On top of that, it was nominated along series behemoths such as Game of Thrones, Outlander, Stranger Things and the latest Emmy Soundtrack winner, The Night Manager.

And you know what? At the end, I didn’t win. Game of Thrones did. But I assure that this is the 1st time that I don’t have mixed feelings by not having won (I obviously would have loved to!).

But the fact that this “modest TV work” got this attention and would stand to the above mentioned behemoths is a price on its own.

To me, it was the confirmation that the message we decided to send with the series got through, and that understanding that this came only exist when you, along the rest of the team, absolutely love your work and do it with love, respect and passion.

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