Won the Cum Laude Music Award!

I’m extremely happy to announce that I am one of the winners of the Cum Laude Music Awards for my Concert Piece “Con Moto” for String Quartet. Even Happier to know that it will be recorded and released in a NAXOS CD in 2018 and distributed worldwide!!
I think it is extremely important for a composer to be able to do and perform concert music and even more greater to have it released and performed! Specially if the composer does a lot of Music for Media, like me. To do music free of a program, images or an existing script and be able to create something more pure and form structured is absolutely essential to a composer’s creative survival.


As for the aesthetics question…Consonant music, Avant Garde, or Program/Film Music, it doesn’t really matter, does it? I strongly advocate that a contemporary composer should not have any boundaries when it comes to writing music today, and I can’t be more happy and grateful to have been able to write this suite and have it released on CD!

Here’s the link with some info on the winners!



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