Mighty LA Scoring Stages

One of a composer’s best moments of joy occur when we enter a recording studio. Those initial steps inside the stage are pure magic. It’s like the calm before the storm.


I like arriving early. You will find some of the tech guys, probably the musician’s contractor and a few guys from the studio crew. That’s it. It’s that moment where one can clearly feel the Studio’s own sonic imprint, empty of musicians and there is always, whether it’s you who records or not, a sense of build up and hidden excitement for the recording to come, no matter how hard that crew behaves like it’s a routine thing.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been in all of the 3 major Orchestral Recording Stages in the Los Angeles Area: 20th century Fox, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures.


For years, the outstanding LA players have performed some of the most memorable Film Music of Hollywood. Watching them at work is something unique. But having them play your music and conducting them is an experience beyond words.


Here’s something we recently recorded at Warner Bros. Music, Orchestration and Conducting by yours truly:


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